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Tess University is a general educational platform to be launched in 2028 in close partnership with Tess Space Enterprises programs and its animation studios. Here, academic subjects and art forms are introduced by cool cartoony hosts bringing knowledge via documentaries on the women and men who are behind the discoveries on each subject or art form at its various stages. Such educational platform is to assist teachers around our world in having pupils and students realize the human storytelling factor and flow any Earthlings' knowledge comes from. In addition to the academic subjects and art forms taught at Tess University, each host initiates discussions about a specific topic linked to the Tess Space Enterprises program its classes are associated with.
Serving as President of Tess University faculty, and as the Dean/host of the Physics and History departments, Tess sees this educational platform as the most needed space to have Earthlings get a broad general knowledge, and, at the same time, discover their individual talent in a non competitive but rather cooperative environment, therefore offering a path for each human being to be complementary, in talent, to one another, and contribute to the creation of a planetary society on Earth.
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