Established on June 2nd 2018 in Kermyl, Tess [Terrestrial Extra Sensory Sciences] Space Enterprises is a storytelling company which contributes to the shift of Earthlings' civilizations into a planetary society where the social concept of duality makes way to that of unity. 
To achieve this, Tess Space Enterprises develops programs addressing a variety of scientific, social, and spiritual issues. The material resulting from such studies, done in cooperation with public and private partners, becomes an open source information communicated in 5 ways: a tale, a live event, a film production, a website and a company implementing a project on Earth.
Inspired by great storytellers, and led by actions from prominent thinkers, the developments conducted by Tess Space Enterprises aims at entertaining audiences while stimulating their senses to engage with new realities, to become fully intuitive, and, in turn, storytell and built collectively the emergence of a planetary society on Earth.