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Celebrating children from around the world, Animation Without Borders invites young communities belonging to nations which have not resolve their political issues to join in the very creative process of the art of animation. 

As every film, it starts with a story, and Animation Without Border is all about storytelling! Its programs are providing teachers a simple and proven pedagogical material which features a main character about to discover its surroundings and live a beautiful adventure.

The story development process involves a period of information research to have the children write in a fashion that mixes imaginary events and factual environmental data. Then creation occurs, first with a synopsis and rough drawings of the main character in key actions, then with finalizing the script to be read in front of the class, and finally color illutrations the 8 major moments of the story to be edited with the text as an ebook.

In the end, children see their ebooks sent to an animation studio from the other 
side of the "political fence". There, professional animators produce the short film to be shared among the young scriptwriters and illustrators for them to enjoy their contribution to peace among their nations through the art of animation.
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