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On her search for a land to develop Tess Space Enterprises, Tess spots a beautiful 500 acres property North of Los Angeles with oak groves, large meadows, dramatic bluffs and mineral springs water so precious for a healthy physical and spiritual live.

As she ventures with her spacecraft above the large estate, she realizes that this place is where she crashed over a year ago! Such a coincidence cannot be for any other reason than "This is it!", she thinks. Upon contacting a realtor of Santa Clarita Valley, Tess gets the information that the land is for sale and her imagination is suddenly all about creating an environment where people can experience, feel, the benefits of the technologies presented in the Tess Space Enterprises venue. To that effect, she designs an environmentally friendly concept offering 51 villas distributed on the property in five areas.

Recalling her childhood storytelling bedtime, Tess decides to associate this housing program with the myth of the 'Council of Five' revealing how five eternal races created or assisted many civilizations in various universes both on technological and spiritual levels. Each one of the five areas is to host 25 villas which will feature one of the eternal race's culture and preferred natural element, being Air, Earth, Water, Wood or Metal. 

As Tess pauses thinking of the wonderful additional storytelling factor she is about to bring in Tess Space Enterprises with these villas, the brand name of this program pops in her mind: "Cosmic Eco-Resort". Inspired by planet Keemala lifestyle, the original concept branches out into architectural themes blending in the property natural environment and telling the stories of enlighted beings' cilizations and healthy "art de vivre" from far away galaxies...

Keemala 5.jpg

Emerther race, the "Alchemists"

Element: Fire 

Home: Serendipity

Keemala 2.jpg

Orela race, the "Drifters"

Element: Water

Home: Fluidity

Keemala 13.jpg
Keemala 11.jpg
Keemala 3.jpg

Ginvo race, the "Skywalkers"

Element: Air

Home: Levity

Keemala 4.jpg

Egarot race, the "Builders"

Element: Earth

Home: Continuity

Keemala 1.jpg

Redan race, the "Engineers"

Element: Metal

Home: Serenity

Her plan set, Tess identifies the Los Angeles based entity Accor Group as the best candidate to operate the Cosmic Eco-Resort program. Keen to add such an unique brand to its worlwide marketed catalogue, Accor Group enters officially into a partnership agreement with Tess Space Enterprises. Soon after, all parties involved in Tess' project meet on the Santa Clarita Valley site to plan and build the "Storytelling of technologies for a planetary society on planet Earth."

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