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Your Vibrant & Colorful Life, Always


Your Extra Sensorial Voyage Starts Here...

Following JFK 1963 UN Speech, the most wonderful era in human history took place on a planetary scale.

With this new opened world, initiatives never imagined before came to light. One of them was brought about by no other than Jackie as she ventured along the coastline of beautiful Cuba in late 1963. Le Havane Hotel was born there and then.

Le Havane offers numerous amenities and services resulting from the reelection of JFK in 1964 and the implementation of his dreams, as the hotel blends the vintage touch of intemporal Caribbean lifestyle with the emergence of technologies and knowledge born from the giant leap of consciousness mankind achieved by the end of that decade.

Featuring impeccable accommodations and an attentive staff, in a fashion only a First Lady could designed, we guarantee you’ll enjoy the most pleasant and energizing experience.


Explore what we have to offer and book a room today. 

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We’re Here Living with You, for You

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Le Havane is the vintage Cuban leisure destination as it features the best selection of cigars, rums and live bands.


Partnering with world-renown Havana Club, Le Havane Bar & Lounge is the social space to expand your knowledge both on traditional and newly created cocktails and on Arts & Technologies developed in the post JFK era. To that effect, the monthly publication

"Le Havane Magazine" provides insights on wonderful paradigms coming into our reality while rumba and salsa gently play.

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Island 963, Sulsang-ri, Jingyo-myeon, Hadong-gun, Korea


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