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Luna Animation is a storytelling company which productions feature tales developed in its studio on the Moon by a genuine and creative community of beings. For the 2029 celebration of the 60th anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon landing, Luna Animation tells 2 tales in which Earthlings realize that they are not alone in the solar system..., and that Santa is real! 
"The tale of LunApollo" and "The tale of Chick Apollo" (here-under) invite the reader to discover very special presents from Santa on the 60th Xmas of Apollo 11: "A giant leap for mankind!" (as Neil Armstrong stated in 1969).
As did great storytellers, Luna Animation aims at entertaining audiences while stimulating their intuitiveness, and, in turn, have them storytell a world of ideas serving their collective happy unity.
Once upon a lunar time...  
Tale of LunApollo Cover.jpg
Chick Apollo 2029 cover.jpg
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