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In 1965, Luna Aircraft develops the first public EmDrive space vehicle with propellant-less electromagnetic propulsion and decides to promote this technology throught a resort hotel operation. Gathering the best talents in the field of real estate development, hospitality business and theme park operation, Luna Aircraft created the leisure destination to be known as "LunApollo Space Resort".

Storytelling being key to any successful communication, the choice of LunApollo as the brand name is a tribute to the hopeful and powerful 1963 UN speech delivered by President John F. Kennedy. Relected in 1964, his dream brought together all nations in the conquest of space starting with the Russian "Luna" program joining the American "Apollo".  Today, the LunApollo Space Resort celebrates this era of Earthlings' cooperation with a motto: "Together in Space". 
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At the heart of LunApollo Space Resort operation are four main programs: "Spaceship Earth Planetarium", "LunApollo Space Hotel & Observatory", "LunApollo Village" and "Luna Aircraft Show". 
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LunApollo Space Resort is a residential development where hotel room-apartments and small villas are own by private individuals and operated by an international renown hotel brand. The design of these living spaces are inspired by the vintage period of the 1960's space age where simplicity, practicality and a pure, yet imaginative, style stimulates the aspiration for a wonderful genuine world! 
Artworks by Syd Mead
Syd Mead Home Interior 001.jpg
Syd Mead Home Interior 002.jpg
Syd Mead Home Interior 003.jpg
Syd Mead Home Interior 004.jpg
Syd Mead Home Interior 005.jpg
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LunApollo Space Resort is a leisure destination for children too and "The tale of LunApollo" bridges the hotel and residential services to a theme park environment based on a story in an alternative universe where in the early 1960's a NASA rocket spacecraft operated by an Ai crashed on the far side of the Moon and turned into Santa Claus! On July 20th 1969, he invites astronaut Neil Armstrong to meet the happy community of toys-like beings he developed in the LunApollo Space Resort, a location unexposed to Earthlings' poor wave frequencies... All live in a resort where only joyful information flows, a peaceful place Santa named "LunApollo" in memory of President Kennedy's dream for the development of all nations in space.
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While venturing in the LunApollo Space Resort, one discovers amazing achievements in the fields of aerospace through sciences, technology and the arts. Such themes are subject to workshops hosted by ever-happy characters created on the far side of the Moon for children to better relate to their content. Here, all learn in an entertaining fashion how ideas and engineering bring solutions in our reality and contribute to our harmonious planetary society. 
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Ataô the little oak
Earth workshop
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EmDrive Thruster
Electromagnetic Propulsion Exhibition
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Chick Apollo
Space workshop
With its beautiful natural environment, LunApollo Space Resort is designed to have people gather in various spaces, some with the latest special effects technologies and others with educational and artisitic values. Organized by a sensitive, well-awared group of artists, designers and scientists, the LunApollo staff is dedicated to provide their guests with an experience based on cooperation, genuine information-sharing and above all a great collective fun!
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LunApollo Space Resort is the storytelling place which introduces to its patrons wonderful information to experience new perceptions, new realities, contributing to our earthlings consciousness to realize we are all "Together in Space!" 
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