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Once upon a space, a little extraterrestrial looking for an outer-space job crashes on planet Earth and discovers the free energy power of storytelling. She decides to study the myths and legends of her new home and soon becomes an author. Her name is Tess and her new purpose is to write tales which will contribute to a wonderful and happy planetary society on Earth. Tess Space Enterprises is born.

To carry on her mission, Tess publishes books and licenses their IPs in order to fund her companies researching paradigm-shifting technologies and to promote their programs through tales and animation film productions. As children are at the core of Tess’ plan, characters from her tales become the mascots and spoke-persons to communicate on these new technologies in a cool an exiting cartoony fashion initiated by genuine storytellers cherished by Tess.

As Tess Space Enterprises grows into a well-rounded project where amazing knowledge is shared in an entertaining way, Tess thinks of designing a destination where all these much needed companies and their technologies will be featured in a digital library providing access to ebooks and videos. Synchronicity is at work as her thought about the style of the venue meets its reality while flying by LAX theme building. “That’s it!” she goes “When intend manifests.”​ 

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Some time later, the Tess Space Theme Park is designed within the spirit of the Los Angeles landmark with at its heart a monolith greeting its visitors with the little extraterrestrial’s mission:  “Storytelling technologies for a planetary society of planet Earth.”


Inviting the guests to discover the content of the venue, a large touch screen rectangular black sculpture features access to Tess Space Enterprises "Companies", "Subsidiaries" and "Partners", and leads to its Master Plan presenting their "Technologies" connected to ever evolving information on their "Programs", "Exhibitions" and "Tales" to become film productions as "TV series" and "Movies". Yet, the prime information may reside in the name of the genuine "Personalities" who inspired Tess by their life's work which contributes, in their own fashion, to the storytelling of a happy planetary human society on Earth. Here, Tess invites her guests to do their own intuitive research on these curious and resilient individuals as, in her own words, "intuition is it!".  

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Tess Space Enterprises Master Plan

Tess Space Enterprises - Master Plan (website).jpg
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Key to the purpose of the Tess Space Enterprises is the project Luna PSV by Luna Aircraft, a company dear to Tess for bringing to the public a gravity-control and propellant-less transportation technology with one motto: "For all nations to reach for the Moon!" Prototype air and space vehicles are providing services operated by Luna Spaceways and taking-off from the the pads of the LunApollo Space Center. When imagination and theories become reality!

Luna PSV.jpg

To achieve a broad public reach, Tess Space Enterprises promotes its companies and their technological wonders via series and movie animation productions introduced to the public as adaptations of tales written and illustrated by an author from outer-space seeking a job and discovering her life-mission: "Storytelling technologies for a planetary Society on Earth". 

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Partner: Luna Aircraft

Technology: Aeronautics

Industry: Transportation

Format: TV Xmas Special & TV Series

Adapted from “The tale of LunApollo”

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Partner: Car Galactic

Technology: Aeronautics

Industry: Transportation

Format: Feature film

Adapted from “The tale of Luna Aircraft”

pdf icon.jpg

Partner: Chick Works

Technology: UFOs

Industry: Electrochemical

Format: TV Series & Workshops

Adapted from “The tale of Chick Apollo”

pdf icon.jpg

Partner: Story Galactic

Technology: Aether

Industry: Energy

Format: Feature film

Adapted from “The tale of Time”

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While people from all walks of life are hungry for the knowledge on the new technologies it features, Tess Space Enterprises franchises its WorkshopsTheme Parks and Hotels & Resorts concepts in major cities on Earth, on the Moon and soon on all planets of the solar system. As Earthlings become a planetary society, alien races reveal themselves in their reality by visiting Tess' sites from other galaxies and from other dimensions too. Mankind realizes it is not alone in the universes and, due to its gravitational wave-particular emotional make-up, quantum jumps to one of the highest level of consciouness storytold in the cosmos. Truly magical technologies are now blooming around! Tess is all smile.

Tess Space Enterprises - Construction & Tess.jpg

Tess supervising the construction site.


Los Angeles, California.

Dear visitors,

From its beginnings, Tess Space Enterprises is funded through licensing agreements of its IPs on tales, characters, film productions, merchandising and theme park. To contribute to the wonder full integration of genuine technologies on Earth and beyond, I invite you, dear co-creators, to share your ideas with me at so we can expand, together, senses and consciousness


With kind regards for your intend to manifest.



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