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Our universe is bathed in an infinite number of dimensions, and on the edge of the Milky Way galaxy lays one cosmic wonder, the Banga dimension providing its visitors with a wealth of pristine nature and well-being programs and workshops hosted in its eco-friendly habitats. 

Banga Resorts first manifested nested along the natural coastline of the South Korean Hadong County offering a peaceful environment for families and friends to energize body and soul.


A range of activities for adults aims at enjoying collective relaxing moments as well as fluid physical exercises canoeing around the islands within the Banga dimension. Children are invited to discover its natural diversity via workshops on Ocean, Forest and Space studies hosted by their respective mascots, Bennie Ocean, Ataô Land and Chick Apollo. 

Looking forward to have you venture in our dimension soon!

Banga Dimension.jpg


Free wifi access

24 hour reception  

Conference facilities 

Yoga & Canoe courses  

Banga Exploration Workshops

Bespoke toiletries

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