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Banga Resorts invite you to experience leisure time in an eco-habitat blending in the natural environment and offering a choice of 3 themes: Ocean, Forest and Space. 

Each theme is underlined by a specific interior design of the eco-habitat and connects with physical activities relating to the environment it relates to, being Ocean-canoeing, Forest-hiking or Space-yoga. 

Ocean theme.jpg

Ocean theme

Canoeing activities.jpg
Forest theme.jpg

Forest theme

Forest activities.jpg
Space theme.jpg

Space theme

Forest acts.jpg

For children to develop their creative skills, each theme area of the Banga Resorts features the program Tess Space Workshops, respectively "Benirall AquaParc" for the Ocean theme, "Ataôland" for the Forest theme and "Chick Apollo Space Center" for Space theme. Designed in geodesic domes providing 360 projection immersive educational content hosted by the adventurous cartoon characters, Bennie Ocean, Ataô Land and Chick Apollo, each workshop has over a weekend or a long stay, the young visitors produce analog and digital artworks while discovering Nature around!

Les enfants et le conte.jpg
Bennie 1.jpg

Bennie Ocean

Atao 12.png

Ataô Land

Solar System.jpg
Chick 2.jpg

Chick Apollo

Distributed over 20 acres, the Banga Island resort has the perfect natural lay-out to support its 3 themes and provide adults and kids with healthy body and mind experiences.

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Chick Apollo Space Center - Logotype.png

Come and enjoy intuitive moments!

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