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"Intuition is it!"

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A student of the Art of Animation at the CFT Gobelins in Paris and at the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles, Pascal developed the Ataôland workshop as a mean for children to learn about storytelling by imagining and then creating information rich entertaining adventures featuring Ataô, the little oak, discovering his natural environment. From script-writing to biology studies, and from story-boarding to full color illustrations and a self-produced hard-copy illustrated book, young students and teachers alike always enjoy this multi-disciplinary workshop which, above all, is about stimulating the most precious factor in any creative process: intuition.

Pascal invites you to join this artistic and information endeavor storytelling is, and contribute to the expansion of this pedagogy by purchasing its Ataô Workbook manual* here

* A purchase of an Ataô Workbook manual gives the school a free membership to the Ataôland Worldmap and an original drawing by Pascal of Ataô with the animals chosen by the class with as many signed copies as there are children in that class (+ one extra for the teacher : ).

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