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"Children's intuition is it!" 

Since the 1990's Ataôland develops pedagogies stimulating children intuition by engaging in  creative processes in the fields of storytelling, script-writing, illustration and animation. With their intuitive mind at work, children soon realize the productive power their intuition manifests providing entertaining and informative events to audiences worldwide.

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Children are often refered as humankind future, yet they are not seen as a credible source of knowledge. Nothing could be further from the truth as they are the last one to have come to join Earth social fabric, and therefore - being less programmed by cultural and social information - they are the ones most likely to bring about simple ideas, intuitive solutions, to get our community on the natural beautiful course of a happy life for everyone. 

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To stimulate these emergence of such positive intuitive ideas, the "Ataô the little oak" program presents a creative storytelling pedagogy within a cartoon environment where the children (from kindergarten and primary classes / under one single teacher guidance) are having fun, feeling good, and soon become responsible through the producing of artworks, scripts, illustrations, books and animation based on information research led by teachers AND by their intuition. 

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Initiated in Chilly Mazarin, France, and then developed in over 30 schools in Brittany, Canada and South Korea, this program is always enjoyed by primary school teachers as it is a pluri-disciplinary creative exercise combining in an exiting way biology (research & classification), grammar, script-writing, story-boarding, drawing and illustrating for the production of a book. The "Ataô the little oak" workshop invites children to create a story about a genuinely curious character, Ataô, eager to discover animal species from around the world. Searching information with intuition and organizing it in the most entertaining fashion is the challenge met by our young authors...

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After schools in Europe, Asia and America have successfully experienced the Ataôland workshops, the need to expand worldwide in a coordinated fashion called for the sourcing of all kindergarten and primary schools worldwide. With the cooperation of diplomatic bodies, international educational organizations and national ministries of educational, Ataôland is developing a Worldmap platform allowing registered schools to access upgraded pedagogical material as well as upload their artworks, books and animations.

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Once upon a time... illustrated story books communicated online the idea guiding Ataôland  community of schools, teachers and pupils, that is: "Children's intuition is it!"

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