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Ataô Animation technology is based on the discovery of the pineal gland properties made by 16th century scientist René Descartes. Filled with cristaline water, covered with the same photoreceptors, rods and cones, found in the retina of the eye, and connected to the visual cortex (just like the eyes are), the pineal gland is labelled by Descartes as "the seat of the soul". Other scientists such as the engineer Nikola Tesla went on viewing the gland as the antenna to guide information to our brain which he says "emits and transmits like a radio".

'De Homine Figuris' 1633, Rene Descartes. 

From these researches, Ataô Animation made the deduction that "the most valuable thing" by Einstein's own words "intuition" must be drawn from the aether electromagnetic field to the human being throught her/his pineal gland (as well as memories and dreams). Intuition, which often translate visually in our brain, are information not contained in the premises of one's skull but in an ever growing etheric information field around planet Earth, around our solar system and around our galaxy and beyond... Our brain is just like a smart phone connected to a server. "All of YouTube videos are not stored in your phone, they are in the Cloud!". In the same fashion, intuitions are in the ether for us to retrieve them from. 

Les enfants et le conte.jpg

Children intuitively connected to a happy information field... : )

Children are often refered as humankind future, yet they are not seen as a credible source of knowledge. Nothing could be further froml the truth as they are the last one to have come to join Earth social fabric, and therefore - being less programmed by cultural and social information - they are the ones most likely to bring about simple ideas, intuitive solutions, to get our community on the natural beautiful course of a happy life for everyone. 

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Happy alone.jpg
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To stimulate these emergence of such positive intuitive ideas, Ataô Animation designs creative drawing and storytelling programs within a cartoon environment where the children (from kindergarten and primary classes / under one single teacher guidance) are feeling good and soon responsible in producing artworks, scripts and illustrations based on information research (retrieved from the ether field : ) led by their intuition. 

The outcome is a series of painting and illustrated stories which are communicated as exhibitions as well as TV and feature films productions by Ataô Animation industrial partners to the world on Earth and beyond... 

In time, Ataô Animation will build enough intuitively trigerred artworks in order to assess the etheric technology behind the production of intuition itself. 

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