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"Ataô, the little oak" is an educational program developed in 1991 for primary schools. It has since been implemented in France, Canada and Korea and has received support from various institutions and universities.

ATAO ENTERPRISE-pagemodel.jpg

"Ataô the little oak" model sheet.


Ataô and the Elders 3D models.

Initiated in Chilly Mazarin, France, this program is always enjoyed by primary school teachers as it is a pluri-displinary creative exercise combining in an exiting way biology (research & classification), grammar, script-writing, story-boarding, drawing and illustrating for the production of a book. The "Atao the little oak" workshop invites children to create a story about a genuinely curious character, Ataô, eager to discover animal species around the world. Searching information with intuition and organizing it in the most entertaining fashion is the challenge met by our young authors...


Madame Bourgoin teaching script-writing.


Pencils guided by pure intuition...


Concentration and dream prior to create. 

This program provides the teacher with a process that starts with selecting with the children the animal to be discovered by Ataô the little oak. A biology board is then filled with information on the selected species and used to feed the storyline of a script built on a simple structure presenting key sequences within each adventure. Individually or by small groups of 3 to 5 children, the story is imagined and soon presented in the form of a book. The feel for both students and their teacher is always the same: amazed by the magic of illustrating and storytelling!


Odile Subirana chaperoning the writers of the 21st century!

ATAO ENTERPRISE-page-019.jpg

"Ataô and the Ara Macao parrot" book.

ATAO ENTERPRISE-page-017.jpg

Children's limitless imagination and intuitive selection of key information representing the characters of their stories is a joy for all to experience both in classroom on public media platforms offline and online. 

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