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Chick Apollo Space Center horizontal log

Chick Apollo Space Center was developed by Brittany Studios in 2019 as a kindergarten school event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission.

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Initiated in Fouesnant, France, with the La Garenne kindergarten school, this educational program is particularly suitable for the little ones. The workshop appeals to their intuition by inviting them first to listen to Chick Apollo's adventure on the Moon and then to imagine their own spaceships to soon travel in space with. Nothing could be simpler for our wonder-full children :)

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The teacher invites to select one of the 26 destinations for the space mission for the class, for a group of students, or for each pupil. After searching in the internet for information (texts, images, videos) on the planetary, stellar or galactic destination, the children go on painting their ecological spaceship: with no smoke, no flame and… no rocket!!! Easy for our little budding engineers!

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Genuine intuitive spirits at work!


The Chick Apollo Space Center exhibition at the 2021 World Space Week.

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